Welcome to the eshop of Panacea3, the cosmetic line from snail secretion of Escargot de Crete. If you would like to know about the excellent quality (by worldwide standards) of the products' main ingredient, see here.

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Panacea3 Exfoliating Olive Oil Soap with snail shell powder & mucus by Escargot de Crete
  • Panacea3 Exfoliating Olive Oil Soap with snail shell powder & mucus by Escargot de Crete

Exfoliating Olive Oil soap with snail shell powder & mucus


Exfoliating olive oil soap with snail shell powder and mucus

100% natural product
For all skin types even for sensitive skin
100 gr


In stock

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Exfoliation - Cleansing - softness - Protection - Care

It regulates the oiliness

Face - Hands - Body - Hair

Acne - Dry skin - Discoloration - stretch Marks - Antioxidant activity


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