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The company

Escargot de Crete is the Life Work of Dr. Charalambos Kiagias. He has studied Physics with a PHD from the Medical School of the University of Crete and decided to engage in the magical world of snails. In 2009 he created the first vertical unit for the production of snails and their products in Greece. Escargot de Crète to this day owns dozens of innovations that render it unique in the world.

Pioneering - Innovations

  • Unique breeding in the world in organic olive trees that ensures unique quality characteristics in the secretion produced.
  • By special snail nutrition programs inspired by the vast library of the popular tradition of Crete, but also with unique processing secrets, Escargot de Crete produces today the unique quality secretion that it uses in its cosmetic series Panacea3.
  • The concentration of allantoin in the produced secretion exceeds the amount of 25 mg / Kg which is much higher than the global competition.
  • Production of secretion with a percentage of elastin greater than 0.9%.
  • Unique way of collecting snail secretion without them being harmed by the process.
  • Collection of secretions from a specific group of young snails to obtain a stronger secretion.
  • Exfoliating soaps with secretions and powder from the snail shell.

Biodynamic principles of snail farming

  • Innovative methods of cultivating snails in olive groves of organic farming.
  • Our snails are living in direct contact with the air, the rain, the sun and the soils of our land but also with the olive trees and the natural flora from which they get valuable ingredients.
  • Minimum environmental footprint – irrigation is shared both in snail awakening and tree watering.
  • Tree trunks are regenerated by the secretion of snails that go up and down on them.

Principles and Consistency

  • Escargot de Crete stands on non-negotiable principles since establishment.
  • Production aimed exclusively in supplying useful products for humans.
  • Without the use of preservatives and hazardous substances.
  • Production of snails in the most friendly and positive way for the environment.
  • Innovation - Innovation - Innovation.

Our land

The area of Latzima is one of the most beautiful areas of Crete. Famous for its beautiful bays in the front beach (500 meters from our premises), and the spectacular sea caves. The entire front of the beach has been designated NATURA 2000 to protect the turtle caretta-caretta and the seal monachus-monachus. In the region Latzima operate some of the largest hotels in Rethymnon.

The area Latzima is famous for its agricultural products, mainly for olive oil which belongs to the products of protected designation of origin (PDO), given the specific characteristics that make qualitative than other areas. It is also noteworthy that in the region are concentrated Latzima most biological olive groves in Greece with few exceptions, which are still conventional crops.

The local climate is mild with little rainfall. Temperatures in winter are relatively high and the summer mild. The temperature difference during the day is very small, which helps enormously productive activity of our units. Generally the climate is strongly xirothermiko very long periods of sunshine throughout the year, factors that play a large role in producing high quality snails.