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PANACEA3 is the Escargot de Crete skin care product line built around the uniquely beneficial properties of snail secretion on human skin.

PANACEA3 products do not just contain snail secretions in high percentages, but are designed from scratch with the only given active ingredient being snail secretion. Other ingredients are added as adjuncts so that the snail secretion has the appropriate form for the specific uses required by each product.

All PANACEA3 products have as main ingredient snail secretions of excellent qualities from Escargot de Crete, which are researched, developed and produced especially for the purpose of the production of Panacea3 products.

Given its heritage and raw material, PANACEA3 aspires to be the epitome of using snail secretion to care for and correct human skin problems. To this end, it researches and develops increasingly effective methods of combining excellent snail secretions with natural ingredients only.

All PANACEA3 products are 100% natural, allergen free, do not contain parabens, and are suitable for all skin types and safe for use regardless of age or gender.

About Escargot de Crete

Escargot de Crete's only occupation is the world of snails and their multiple beneficial properties and uses for human health. It is based in Crete. Its founder, like all Cretans, grew up and lives in a place where the beneficial properties of snails on the skin and the human body in general are known first hand, and therefore these special creatures are highly valued by the inhabitants of the island for centuries.

Escargot de Crete as a producer of snail secretions has developed production methods whose results are very high quality snail secretions. The most important characteristics that make snail secretion so special in skin care are constantly researched and measured and the main goal of the company is to maximize the quality and quantity of these ingredients in the final secretion. As a result, Escargot de Crete is currently, as far as we know, the only company that regularly measures, announces and guarantees specific quality characteristics of the snail secretions it produces.